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The workshop presentations are now available.

Narrative has been an important way to transmit knowledge across generations, and is innate to the human nature. Narrative is also a valuable vehicle to structure knowledge and to help us in the process of meaning making. Due to the explorative and complex nature of narrative, an intelligent learning environment (ILE) based on in a narrative approach can promote several kinds of activities for learners:
  1. co-construction: participate in the construction of a narrative;
  2. exploration: engage in active exploration of the learning tasks, following a narrative approach and trying to understand and reason about an environment and its elements;
  3. reflection: engage in consequent analysis of what happened within the learning session.
By applying a narrative approach in the development of an ILE, its is possible to attain an application that may help the learners to share ideas and points of view, to experience a particular situation by engaging in a role-playing, or even to post reflect on an action taken within such environment.

This workshop was held in conjunction with the AIED'05 conference, 18-22 July 2005, Amsterdam. For more details on the AIED conference in general, visit the conference website:

This workshop is partially funded by the Special Interest Group (SIG) on Narrative and Learning Environments of the Kaleidoscope Network of Excellence and supported by the EPSRC/AHRB funded Drama and Performance for Pleasurable Personal Learning Environments (DAPPPLE).