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Realising an Applied Gaming Eco-system Webpage icon

Collaborators: Rui Prada, Pedro Santos, João Dias, Samuel Mascarenhas, Mojgan Hashemian, Ana Paiva
Keywords: applied games, virtual characters


The EU based industry for non-leisure games (applied games) is an emerging business. As such, it's still fragmented and needs critical mass to compete globally. Nevertheless its growth potential is widely recognised and even suggested to exceed the growth potential of the leisure games market.

RAGE will help to seize these opportunities and advance industrial leadership and innovation by delivering to Applied Games studios:

  • An interoperable set of advanced technology assets tuned to applied gaming,
  • Proven practices of using asset-based applied games in various real-world contexts,
  • Centralised access to a wide range of applied gaming software modules, services and resources,
  • An online social space that facilitates collaboration that underlie progress and innovation,
  • Workshops and online training opportunities for both developers and educators,
  • Assets-based business cases supporting industry at seizing new opportunities, and
  • A business model and launch plan for exploiting RAGE results beyond project's duration.


An Accessible Toolkit for the Creation of Socio-EmotionalAgents
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