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Collaborators: Rui Prada, Ana Paiva, Joana Campos, João Guerreiro, Francisco C. Santos, Brian Ravenet, Diogo Rato
Keywords: Virtual Training; Multi-cultural teams; Human-Agent Interaction


The virtual gaming platform will allow law enforcement units to practice the interrogation of suspects in a multicultural and virtual reality context. Through extensive research in the field of computer science and criminology the mixed reality gaming platform makes it possible to generate characters with changing attributes and parameters. Based on these demographic variables, so called “Virtual Suspects” can be generated, which will give rise to multiple interrogation scenarios in a close to realistic environment. Because of the virtual nature of the system, the simulator will be accessible from any country at any given time. To improve the training results, so called “Intervention Agents” will follow the practice sessions online and give real-time feedback to trainees.

The overall goal of LAW-TRAIN is to improve European and international security standards by implementing a cost effective, cross-cultural, and highly realistic virtual training environment to improve the interrogative skills of law enforcement units working jointly on an international inquiry.

LAW-TRAIN aims to develop:

  • A collaborative International Virtual Interrogation platform for training law enforcement units
  • A Virtual Suspect that will play the role of the suspect
  • Training

A Virtual Platform to Train Cross-National Police Teams in Team Collaboration and Police-Interviewing
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Computer Supported Training of Joint Investigation Teams
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Designing a Training Tool for Transnational Joint Investigation Teams
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