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Ad Hoc Teams With Humans And Robots Webpage icon

Collaborators: Alberto Sardinha, Francisco S. Melo, João Ribeiro


Grant from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (U.S.A.)
Award Number: FA9550-19-1-0020

This project explores cutting-edge research on ad hoc teamwork, symbiotic interactions and natural language processing in human-robot interaction. The project aims to go beyond the typical “master-slave” and “one-robot-one-human” type of interaction, hence making key contributions to the current state-of-the-art in terms of human-robot interaction.  This  research  project  is  funded  by  the  Air  Force Office of Scientific Research (USA) and we work in collaboration with PUC-Rio (Brazil).


Feed-in Tariff Contract Schemes and Regulatory Uncertainty
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Query Strategies, Assemble! Active Learning with Expert Advice for Low-resource Natural Language Processing
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Análise Estatística de Dados Financeiros
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Cláudia Nunes and Conceição Amado and Alberto Sardinha
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