@inproceedings { hoppe00, abstract = {This paper presents the concept of a collaborative computer integrated classroom (CiC) specially designed to achieve a unique combination of interactive and collaborative software with spatial arrangements, special furniture, and new peripherals including furniture (“roomware”). Although, technologically innovative, the CiC approach respects grown pedagogical traditions and classroom procedures. In-line with the notion of ubiquitous computing it tries to augment the real classroom instead of defining a virtual learning environment. Based on these principles, the European NIMIS project has put into practice a specific classroom environment for early learning with general tools and specific applications supporting literacy- related activities. In addition to the collaborative nature of the classroom scenario as such, specific mechanisms for co-construction in shared workspaces are provided.}, address = {Madeira, Portugal}, booktitle = {CRIWG'2000 - 6th International Workshop on Groupware}, keywords = {classroom of the future, roomware, ubiquitous computing, learning environments}, month = {October}, pages = {94-101}, publisher = {IEEE Computer Society}, title = {Supporting Collaborative Activities in Computer Integrated Classrooms - the NIMIS approach}, year = {2000}, author = {Ulrich Hoppe and Andreas Lingnau and Isabel Machado and Ana Paiva and Rui Prada and Frank Tewissen} }