@article { tarrataca11, abstract = {Traditional tree search algorithms supply a blueprint for modeling problem solving behaviour. A diverse spectrum of problems can be formulated in terms of tree search. Quantum computation, namely Grover's algorithm, has aroused a great deal of interest since it allows for a quadratic speedup to be obtained in search procedures. In this work we consider the impact of incorporating classical search concepts alongside Grover's algorithm into a hybrid quantum search system. Some of the crucial points examined include: (1) the reverberations of contemplating the use of non-constant branching factors; (2) determining the consequences of incorporating an heuristic perspective into a quantum tree search model.}, journal = {Quantum Information Processing}, keywords = {Quantum computation; Tree search; Heuristic;Miscellaneous;}, number = {4}, pages = {475-500}, title = {Tree search and quantum computation}, volume = {10}, year = {2011}, author = {Luis Tarrataca and Andreas Wichert} }