@article { tarrataca11, abstract = {Is quantum computing suitable for modeling problem solving, a domain which is traditionally reserved for the symbolic approach? We propose a hybrid quantum problem solving model. Our approach is motivated by several important theories from the fields of physics, computer science and psychology. We demonstrate our approach through a model for a quantum production system, based on the $n$-puzzle. The developed model can be extended in order to tackle any $N$-level depth search required by other problems. No preliminary knowledge concerning quantum computation is required.}, journal = {Cognitive Computation}, keywords = {Inference; Quantum computation; Problem-solving; Production system; Reversible computation;Miscellaneous;}, number = {4}, pages = {510-524}, title = {Problem-solving and Quantum Computation}, volume = {3}, year = {2011}, author = {Luis Tarrataca and Andreas Wichert} }