@article { sacramento12, abstract = {In a recent communication, Sacramento & Wichert (2011) proposed a hierarchical retrieval prescription for Willshaw-type associative networks. Through simulation it was shown that one could make use of low resolution descriptor patterns to decrease the total time requirements of recalling a learnt association. However, such method introduced a dependence on a set of new parameters which de ne the structure of the hierarchy. In this work we compute the expected retrieval time for the random neural activity regime which maximises the capacity of the Willshaw model and we study the task of finding the optimal hierarchy parametrisation with respect to the derived temporal expectation. Still in regard to this performance measure, we investigate some asymptotic properties of the algorithm.}, journal = {Neural Networks}, keywords = {Neural Computation;}, month = {January}, pages = {84-93}, title = {Regarding the temporal requirements of a hierarchical Willshaw network}, volume = {25}, year = {2012}, author = {João Sacramento and Francisco Burnay and Andreas Wichert} }