@inproceedings { ribeiro12, abstract = {We present the Thalamus framework, which is based on SAIBA and extends it by adding a perceptual loop. This perceptual loop enables embodied characters to perform continuous interaction. The framework was tested in a case study involving a NAO and an EMYS robots. After showing that our extension works, we point out some is- sues that were encountered during the development of the case study. We also suggest that the definition of a formal Perception Modelling Language (PML) based on the SAIBA framework can enable SAIBA- compliant embodied characters to perform continuous interaction, while still performing synchronized multimodal behavior based on BML.}, address = {Eindhoven, The Netherlands}, booktitle = {Intelligent Virtual Agents IVA'2012}, keywords = {Intelligent Virtual Agents, BML}, month = {September}, pages = {189-195}, publisher = {Springer Berlin / Heidelberg}, series = {Lecture Notes in Computer Science}, title = {Thalamus: Closing the Mind-Body Loop in Interactive Embodied Characters}, volume = {7502}, year = {2012}, author = {Tiago Ribeiro and Marco Vala and Ana Paiva} }