@inproceedings { dimas14, abstract = {Our identity plays an important role in our lives. It regulates our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. For that reason researchers have been focusing on identity and the way it can impact an agent's processes in order make them more believable. Because identity is dynamic, people's behaviours will differ according to different contexts. The presence of others as well as several other social context's factors have an effect on the way someone is going to perceive oneself. Whether as part of a group with shared interests among its members, or as unique and distinctive individual, the perception of group membership is going to determine if one's behaviour is going to be influenced by one's social identity or personal identity. When a social identity is salient, people tend to cooperate more with members of their group, even when the group's goals differ from their own personal goals. Due to that impact, we believe that a dynamic identity is especially important if the aim is to build believable agents with the ability to adjust their decisions to the social context they are in. In this paper, we present a Dynamic Identity Model for Agents that provides agents with an adaptive identity and behaviour that is adjustable to the social context.}, booktitle = {Multi-Agent-Based Simulation XIV}, keywords = {Context-Situated Agents;Dynamic Identity;Identity;Socially Intelligent Agents;Social Identity;Intelligent Virtual Agents;}, pages = {37-52}, publisher = {Springer Berlin Heidelberg}, title = {Dynamic Identity Model for Agents}, year = {2014}, author = {Joana Dimas and Rui Prada} }