@inproceedings { ribeiro14, abstract = {We are addressing the problem of creating empathic robot tutors to support school students studying geography topics on a multi- touch table. A multi-role serious game Enercities-2 has been developed from an earlier single-user version in which a Mayor, Economist and Environmentalist have control over differing resources. The game explores the tension between individual and collaborative success. A robot tutor, embodied as a NAO Torso robot, can play any one of these roles. This interactive demo using a large tablet and the NAO will allow attendees to play with the robot, which currently tries to maximize the collaborative score.}, keywords = {Computer Games;Intelligent Virtual Agents;}, pages = {1675--1676}, title = {I'm the mayor: a robot tutor in enercities-2}, year = {2014}, author = {Tiago Ribeiro and Amol Deshmukh and Ruth Aylett and Ana Paiva} }