@inproceedings { dignum14, abstract = {Socially interconnected systems should be able to exhibit, understand, and reason about social behavior, in order to support lasting interconnections that show realistic and desirable properties. We claim that a fundamental new approach based on social concepts is needed to build agents functioning in these socially interconnected systems. In this paper, we explore how the concepts of social practices and social identities can be used to structure deliberations about interactions. We then show the consequences for the architecture and reasoning capabilities of these systems.}, address = {Prague, Czech Republic}, booktitle = {IAT4SIS’2014 - Workshop on Intelligent Agents and Technologies for Socially Interconnected Systems held at ECAI 2014 - 21st European Conference on Artificial Intelligence}, keywords = {Intelligent Virtual Agents;Affective Computing;Multi-Agent Societies;}, month = {August}, pages = {1-6}, publisher = {ACM}, title = {Social Deliberation for Organizations}, year = {2014}, author = {Frank Dignum and Virginia Dignum and Rui Prada and Catholijn Jonker} }