@article { ribeiro16, abstract = {Based on the development of several different HRI scenarios using different robots, we have been establishing the SERA ecosystem. SERA is composed of both a model and tools for integrating an AI agent with a robotic embodiment, in human-robot interaction scenarios. We present the model, and several of the reusable tools that were developed, namely Thalamus, Skene and Nutty Tracks. Finally we exemplify how such tools and model have been used and integrated in five different HRI scenarios using the NAO, Keepon and EMYS robots. }, journal = {AAAI Spring Symposium Series}, keywords = {Social Robotic Companions;}, title = {The sera ecosystem: Socially expressive robotics architecture for autonomous human-robot interaction}, year = {2016}, author = {Tiago Ribeiro and André Pereira and Eugenio Di Tullio and Ana Paiva} }