@misc { paradeda16, abstract = {Trust, is supposed as one of the important aspects in Social Robotics which targets the quality of interaction between humans and robots. In this study, we address the level of trust which a human being makes facing a robot under different circumstances. The influencing factors are considered as the facial expression of a robot during the interaction as well as the influence of making small talks. In this paper, we are going to present a framework to investigate the effect of these two factors on trust in depth.}, keywords = {Affective Computing;Intelligent Virtual Agents;Miscellaneous;}, month = {August}, note = {Extended Abstract in 25th IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (RO-Man)}, title = {How Facial Expressions May Influence the Trust in a Robot?}, year = {2016}, author = {Raul Benites Paradeda and Mojgan Hashemian and Rafael Rodrigues and Ana Paiva} }