@article { guimarães17, abstract = {This is a temporary reference, this work will be in the future CIG 2017 Conference Proceedings. We present and describe CiF-CK — a social agent architecture that models reasoning about persistent social interactions to improve narrative engagement and play experience for human interactors. The architecture is inspired by McCoy et al’s Comme il-Faut (CiF) architecture that represented rich social interactions between agents that included emotions, social and relationship contexts, and longer term mood. The key contribution of this work is in adapting the richness of social interactions from CiF to a first-person interaction experience and a released distribution of its implementation on the Skyrim game engine. The released modification has been successful in the player community for the popular game.}, booktitle = {6 IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games}, journal = {CiG 2017, New York, USA}, keywords = {Intelligent Virtual Agents;Computer Games;Multi-Agent Societies;}, organization = {Proceedings of theIEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games}, pages = {}, publisher = {IEEE Computer Society}, title = {CiF-CK: An Architecture for Social NPCs in Commercial Games}, year = {2017}, author = {Manuel Guimarães and Pedro Santos and Arnav Jhala} }