@incollection { figueiredo06, abstract = {In this paper we explore an alternative approach to narrative generation in a pedagogical context where the story emerges from the interactions between the characters of a story in a 3D environment. Relying on previous work where the autonomy of characters was explored to generate emergent narratives, in this paper we present the emergent episode, a structure that can be used to organize the story. Also, a special agent, named Story Facilitator is presented. This agent has the task of sequencing the episodes in such a way that produces a coherent emergent story.}, booktitle = {NILE - Narratives and Interactive Learning Environments}, publisher = {Springer}, title = {Shaping Emergent Narratives for a Pedagogical Application}, year = {2006}, author = {Rui Figueiredo and João Dias and Ruth Aylett and Sandy Louchart and Ana Paiva} }