@inproceedings { mubin16, abstract = {Science fiction media has had a long lasting influence on the progression of interactive technology, however recently contradictions are emerging in the development of the two disciplines. Therefore, in this exploratory position paper we report on the insights attained through a day long workshop amongst scientists and researchers on how the collaboration between science fiction and Human Computer Interaction (HCI) can be advanced. Discussions in the workshop focused on detailing the relationship between HCI and science fiction. In conclusion, as our main contribution an action plan and agenda is presented for facilitating deeper influences amongst the two disciplines.}, booktitle = {Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology}, keywords = {Miscellaneous;Intelligent Virtual Agents;Social Robotic Companions;}, pages = {10}, title = {Towards an Agenda for Sci-Fi Inspired HCI Research}, year = {2016}, author = {Omar Mubin and Mohammad Obaid and Philipp Jordan and PatrĂ­cia Alves-Oliveira and Thommy Eriksson and Wolmet Barendregt and Daniel Sjolle and Morten Fjeld and Simeon Simoff and Mark Billinghurst} }