@inproceedings { bernardo16, abstract = {This work explores the use of a social robot as an assistive agent during therapy sessions, in order to assist children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), through a Tangram puzzle game. Previous works showed that children with ASD express enthusiasm when interacting with robots and other technologies. Also, these tools have been used during therapy to help them overcome their social difficulties. Our aim was to develop a tablet game so children with autism can play with a humanoid robot - NAO. Normally, children with ASD have difficulties in taking turns, so part of our work focuses on improving this ability.}, booktitle = {International Conference on Intelligent Virtual Agents}, keywords = {Social Robotic Companions;Computer Games;}, pages = {500--504}, title = {An Interactive Tangram Game for Children with Autism}, year = {2016}, author = {Beatriz Bernardo and Patrícia Alves-Oliveira and Maria Graça Santos and Francisco S Melo and Ana Paiva} }