@inproceedings { jones15, abstract = {Within any learning process, the formation of a socio-emotional relationship between learner and teacher is paramount to facilitating a good learning experience. The ability to form this relationship may come naturally to an attentive teacher; but how do we endow an unemotional robot with this ability? In this paper, we extend upon insights from the literature to include tools from user-centered design (UCD) and analyses of human-human interaction (HHI) as the basis of a multidisciplinary approach in the development of an empathic robotic tutor. We discuss the lessons learned in respect to design principles with the aim of personalised learning with empathic robotic tutors.}, address = {Paris}, booktitle = {Social Robotics: 7th International Conference, ICSR 2015}, keywords = {Social Robotic Companions;}, pages = {285-295}, publisher = {Springer, Cham}, title = {Empathic Robotic Tutors for Personalised Learning: A Multidisciplinary Approach}, volume = {9388}, year = {2015}, author = {A. Jones and D. K├╝ster and C. A. Basedow and P. Alves-Oliveira and S. Serholt and H. Hastie and L. J. Corrigan and W. Barendregt and A. Kappas and A. Paiva and G. Castellano} }