@article { giger19, abstract = {The aim of this review was to examine the pros and cons of humanizing social robots following a psychological perspective. As such, we had six goals. First, we defined what social robots are. Second, we clarified the meaning of humanizing social robots. Third, we presented the theoretical backgrounds for promoting humanization. Fourth, we conducted a review of empirical results of the positive effects and the negative effects of humanization on human–robot interaction (HRI). Fifth, we presented some of the political and ethical problems raised by the humanization of social robots. Lastly, we discussed the overall effects of the humanization of robots in HRI and suggested new avenues of research and development.}, journal = {Human Behavior and Emerging Technologies}, keywords = {Social Robotic Companions;}, number = {2}, pages = {111--123}, publisher = {Wiley Online Library}, title = {Humanization of robots: Is it really such a good idea?}, volume = {1}, year = {2019}, author = {Jean-Christophe Giger and Nuno Piçarra and Patrícia Alves-Oliveira and Raquel Oliveira and Patrícia Arriaga} }