@inproceedings { asselborn18, abstract = {In this paper, we present a robotic approach to improve theteaching of handwriting using the tangible, haptic-enabledand classroom-friendly Cellulo robots. Our eforts presentedhere are in line with the philosophy of the Cellulo platform:we aim to create a ready-to-use tool (i.e. a set of robot-assistedactivities) to be used for teaching handwriting, one that isto coexist harmoniously with traditional tools and will con-tribute new added values to the learning process, comple-menting existing teaching practices.To maximize our potential contributions to this learningprocess, we focus on two promising aspects of handwrit-ing: the visual perception and the visual-motor coordination.These two aspects enhance in particular two sides of therepresentation of letters in the mind of the learner: the shapeof the letter (the grapheme) and the way it is drawn, namelythe dynamics of the letter (the ductus).With these two aspects in mind, we do a detailed contentanalysis for the process of learning the representation ofletters, which leads us to discriminate the speciic skills in-volved in letter representation. We then compare our robotic method with traditional methods as well as with the com-bination of the two methods, in order to discover which ofthese skills can beneit from the use of Cellulo.As handwriting is taught from age 5, we conducted ourexperiments with 17 ive-year-old children in a public school.Results show a clear potential of our robot-assisted learn-ing activities, with a visible improvement in certain skills ofhandwriting, most notably in creating the ductus of the let-ters, discriminating a letter among others and in the averagehandwriting speed.Moreover, we show that the beneit of our learning activi-ties to the handwriting process increases when it is used aftertraditional learning methods. These results lead to the initialinsights into how such a tangible robotic learning technologymay be used to create cost-efective collaborative scenariosfor the learning}, booktitle = {Proceedings of the 17th ACM Conference on Interaction Design and Children}, keywords = {Social Robotic Companions;}, pages = {219--230}, title = {Bringing letters to life: handwriting with haptic-enabled tangible robots}, year = {2018}, author = {Thibault Asselborn and Arzu Guneysu and Khalil Mrini and Elmira Yadollahi and Ayberk Ozgur and Wafa Johal and Pierre Dillenbourg} }