@inproceedings { figueiredo08, abstract = {In this paper we address the issue of how to transform a set of actions and behaviors generated by autonomous characters into a meaningful and interesting story. To do that, we consider the issues involved in developing an architecture that is generic enough to be applied to entertainment/educational applications that convey stories through the interactions between intelligent graphical characters and a user. As such, issues in organizing the emergent content are discussed and a generic story facilitator (a kind of game master) is described. Finally two storytelling applications that use the architecture are described demonstrating the generality of the approach.}, booktitle = {ICIDS - Interactive Digital Storytelling}, publisher = {Springer}, title = {Emergent Stories Facilitated - An architecture to generate stories using intelligent synthetic characters}, year = {2008}, author = {Rui Figueiredo and António Brisson and Ruth Aylett and Ana Paiva} }