@inproceedings { ferreira08, abstract = {Simulating the dynamics of real worlds using Virtual En- vironments (VEs) is a growing area with many interesting applications. There are tools based on graphical inter- faces to create and visualise these VEs, although most of them are specific to a particular type of environment. Fol- lowing recent developments in calligraphic systems, which have emerged as a viable alternative to conventional direct manipulation interfaces, we devised an approach that takes advantage of these systems to manage the elements in a VE. In this paper we present a tool that allows users to man- age VEs collaboratively using a sketch-based interface to- gether with a simple visual language that generically de- scribes the elements in a VE. To validate our work we did a small test case with the simulation of a world populated by synthetic characters.}, address = {Herrsching am Ammersee, Germany}, booktitle = {VL/HCC Workshop: Sketch Tools for Diagramming}, month = {September}, pages = {37-46}, title = {EditION: A Collaborative Calligraphic Tool to Manage Virtual Environments}, year = {2008}, author = {Alfredo Ferreira and Marco Vala and Guilherme Raimundo and João António Madeiras Pereira and Joaquim Armando Jorge and Ana Paiva} }