@inproceedings { baptista20, abstract = {The video game industry is constantly innovating, with new mediums and ways for players to interact with the game environment. Voice interaction in games is an ever evolving field, especially with advances in Natural Language Processing. In that vein, there has been a increasing number of conversational agents with natural language interaction capabilities deployed into video games. In this paper, we improve the Virtual Suspect game with a natural language interaction using the tools provided by Amazon Alexa. We followed an iterative, user-centered approach when designing the new interaction, collecting feedback and data from three User Studies in order to improve the interaction with the Virtual Suspect. Our findings suggest that the usage of natural language to support the interaction with game characters can improve the player experience.}, address = {Cham}, booktitle = {Videogame Sciences and Arts}, keywords = {Intelligent Virtual Agents;Computer Games;}, pages = {98--112}, publisher = {Springer International Publishing}, title = {Interviewing a Virtual Suspect: Conversational Game Characters Using Alexa}, year = {2020}, author = {Gon{\c{c}}alo Baptista and Diogo Rato and Rui Prada} }