@inproceedings { cabral06, abstract = {The emerging new applications of synthetic characters, as a way to achieve more natural interactions, puts new demands on the synthetic voices, in order to fulfill the expectations of the user. The work presented in this paper evaluates a synthetic voice used by a synthetic character in a storytelling situation. To al- low for a better comparison, a real actor was filmed telling a children’s story. The pitch, duration and energy of the recorded speech were copied to the synthetic speech generated with a FESTIVAL-based LPC-diphone synthesizer. At the same time, the synthetic character was also animated with the gestures, emotions and facial expressions used by the actor. Using different conditions combining the synthetic voice, synthetic character with the real voice, and the real character, the voice was evaluated regarding the comprehension of the sto- ryteller, the expression of emotions, its credibility and the user satisfaction.}, booktitle = {Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference "Speech and Computer"}, month = {June}, pages = {536-539}, title = {What voice do we expect from a synthetic character?}, year = {2006}, author = {João Cabral and Luís Oliveira and Guilherme Raimundo and Ana Paiva} }