“A robot to help teachers in school?”

Emote interacting with researchers

 Photo: J-O Yxell/Chalmers


Emote has been featured in the Swedish National Board of Education in a recently published blog post. Researchers Wolmet Barendregt and Sofia Serholt answered a few questions about the European project.

“Technical development and programming is not enough to create a good robot, emphasizes Wolmet Barendregt. We also need to see how teachers and students view and analyze how the robot works in the classroom. But it requires us to make it in the real world, in everyday school life.”

As EMOTE’s collection studies keep on succeeding, two completed studies will be presented as lectures and papers at the International Conference RO-MAN 2014 in Edinburgh next week.

The teachers believe that the robot must be able to adapt to what happens in the classroom, says Sofia Serholt. The robot must not be a burden on the teacher. It will not replace the teacher, but as a complement. The robot should be able to act in the physical space and work much like a computer, but more interactive and empathetic human traits.”

You can read the rest of the article here.