logo_emoteThe EMOTE project was a three year FP7 research project which ended in March 2016, in EMOTE we researched how robot tutors that respond to learners can offer a new and exciting approach to learning. Human teachers respond to a myriad of cues and a key aspect for the human teacher-learner experience is empathy, with teachers understanding when learners are confused or puzzled and responding appropriately. Now, with the advent of social robotics, robot tutors will be able to do just that. We developed a new generation of robot tutors that empathise with 11-13 year old children. We developed two applications to use with our robot tutors. Firstly, Scenario One, a treasure hunt, where children can learn about map reading and following directions. Secondly, Scenario Two, a game about environmental considerations, learning about resources and effective ways to use them to support cities.

Our robot tutors have personal, human elements that enable them to interact with and engage children to enhance and support their learning in a more natural way than earlier technologies. With the robots exchanging emotional cues with the children, the learning experience becomes much more fun and engaging. Children have used our robot tutors in real classroom and field trip settings, engaging with them and enjoying this novel learning experience.

We have provided all outputs of the EMOTE project in the downloads section of the website, these are free to download and use.

Further information can be found in our publications and videos.