EdTech Forum 2016

Ginevra Castellano was an invited speaker at the EdTech Forum 2016, in London in January. The event was organised by the Founders Factory and gathered next-generation innovators and disruptors in the area of education technology, leading education industry executives, key policy makers (including members of the U.S. and UK government executives), and investors, and aimed to discuss about the future of education.  Ginevra presented work in the EMOTE project in the “Disruptors” track.



Sunday Herald article featuring EMOTE



VR in Education: Article in Education Technology Magazine

In the current issue of Education Technology magazine Lynne Hall comments on the use of VR in education, you can read the article from page 39

Education Technology - cover-1 Education Technology 16.02.16-2


VIDEO: Ruth Aylett interview on BBC

Professor Ruth Aylett was interviewed and gave a demo of the EMOTE robot on BBC TV. You can watch the full video on the following link: 



Sveriges Radio Feature

Sofia Serholt was interviewed as part of a feature on the future of robotics on Sveriges Radio. The feature is in Swedish and you can listen to it here: 



School Escola Quinta do Marquês Newsletter

EMOTE was featured in a school newsletter following a two month study we ran in the school. The article is in Portuguese and we have an English translation below. Thanks to the School Escola Quinta do Marquês for helping us with our study!

For two months, a robot tutor taught students topics related to sustainable development. No, this robot does not replace teachers – on the contrary, he came to help! The robot tutor was included in the School Quinta do Pombal in Oeiras. This artificial tutor was part of a normal classroom school and several students interacted with him for about two months, learning about sustainability curriculum. After the first interactions and overcoming the effect of novelty, students interacted with the robot tutor in a natural way. The results of the integration of this technology in school turn out to be positive – “I love to interact with the robot and the fact that he knows who I am, calling me by name and remember the learning that we have been doing over time is really cool. “said a student who interacted with the robot. This technology aims to bring benefits to education, such as support for specific educational topics to be included in future classrooms.

emote in school newsletter


Video: The Empathic Robotic Tutor

EMOTE was presented at HRI 2015 video session:


The video showcases an autonomous empathic robotic tutor to be used in classrooms as a peer in a virtual learning environment. The system merges a virtual agent design with HRI features, consisting of a robotic embodiment, a multimedia interactive learning application and perception sensors that are controlled by an arti cial intelligence agent.



The Empathic Robotic Tutor: featuring the NAO robot from Tiago Ribeiro on Vimeo.


What does a robot teacher look like?

This was the question presented to the students from the Robotic Club at Colégio Campo das Flores. The classroom was lead by prof. José Fernandes, together with EMOTE researchers Prof. Ana Paiva and Patrícia Alves de Oliveira, from GAIPS INESC-ID.

The students draw their vision of a robotic tutor. They discussed shapes, materials, colors.

The drawings will be helpful for robot designers to consider the wishes of these very demanding users.

Partner link: Installment loan


Happy new year!

happy new year from emote


EMOTE will feature in documentary film

German production company Context-Film flew to Portugal to meet  EMOTE at GAIPS Lab. The production team is working on a scientific documentary that  will be broadcast in different countries worldwide.

It will feature interviews to members of the project and the work towards the development of empathic robotic tutor. 


More info about the making-of later on!