EMOTE present at SMAU

EMOTE was present at SMAU, the leading Italian exhibition about Innovation and Technology for Business, Professionals, Startups and ICT. Kickstarting commercial efforts outlined for next year, YDreams Robotics took the opportunity to introduce the project to potential exploitation partners.

EMOTE-robotic-tutor-SMAU-Milan EMOTE at SMAU Milan

The company met  other exciting projects operating in a similar space such as SARACEN,  research project for social assistive robots in autistic children education.

robots for autistic children project

For more information on SARACEN assistive robots (in Italian):


Wizard of Oz studies at Externato Marista in Lisbon

The EMOTE  team successfully performed a “Wizard of Oz” study with the NAO robot, after a full week at Externato Marista de Lisboa in Portugal. NAO guided 10th grade students through Enercities, an interactive game experience. The robot acted as a tutor, eliciting students to engage with the game and helping their learning process in topics such as sustainable development.





A geography teaching robot at BBC Midlands Today

EMOTE was present at the British Science Festival in Birmingham, held by the British Science Association. BBC Midlands Today filmed exclusive footage of Stevie, EMOTE’s geography teaching robot, in occasion of this event.

Project coordinator Ginevra Castellano explains how robots can be an important tool to the learning process, helping teachers and interacting with the students. Stevie will be on trial in Midlands schools early next year.


Open Day at Heriot-Watt University

On the 26th of September, EMOTE was present at an open day talk at Heriot-Watt University. Researcher Amol Deshmukh demoed the Enercities game with NAO and introduced EMOTE project goals. Around 150 people, including prospective students and their parents, attended the presentation.


Sveriges Radio interviews EMOTE

EMOTE’s team member Sofia Serholt explained to Sveriges Radio how NAO was going to be used in a real classroom environment. You can read more about it here (in Swedish).



“A robot to help teachers in school?”

Emote interacting with researchers

 Photo: J-O Yxell/Chalmers


Emote has been featured in the Swedish National Board of Education in a recently published blog post. Researchers Wolmet Barendregt and Sofia Serholt answered a few questions about the European project.

“Technical development and programming is not enough to create a good robot, emphasizes Wolmet Barendregt. We also need to see how teachers and students view and analyze how the robot works in the classroom. But it requires us to make it in the real world, in everyday school life.”

As EMOTE’s collection studies keep on succeeding, two completed studies will be presented as lectures and papers at the International Conference RO-MAN 2014 in Edinburgh next week.

The teachers believe that the robot must be able to adapt to what happens in the classroom, says Sofia Serholt. The robot must not be a burden on the teacher. It will not replace the teacher, but as a complement. The robot should be able to act in the physical space and work much like a computer, but more interactive and empathetic human traits.”

You can read the rest of the article here.



“Teachers, what do you think about robots in schools?”


In some societies robots are already integrating schools, being part of the classroom environment. This inclusion represents a big change in education and requires teachers to adapt to this type of technology in an educational context such as a classroom.

As Emote is developing a new generation of emphatic robotic tutors for education, we meet with a group of teachers to understand what are their expectations towards such a reality. Since teachers will be the primary users of this type of robots, Portuguese teachers had group discussions about what they think, what concerns them, and what are their expectations and fears regarding this subject.

Issues such as privacy, fear of replacement, concerns regarding children’s behavior, ways to increase student’s educational levels, among others, were topics approached by teachers.

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EMOTE at NESTA: “Humanising the robot society”

On the past 18th, EMOTE was at Humanising the robot society, an event organized by NESTA, in London.

Following the launch of NESTA’s new book Our work here is done, several robots took over the event and interact with the attendees. Presentations from engineers, hackers, economists, historians and philosophers also took place.

Dr. Amol Deshmukh, research associate from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, was attending the event, right beside our empathic robotic tutor.


Public Deliverables now available

EMOTE’s first set of approved public deliverables is now available for public access. You can download the following documents:








Data Collection Studies now available

During this first year, several studies were designed and conducted by members of the consortium, gathering preliminary results that will inform the behavior for a robotic emphatic and dialogue generation engine.

This initial work is now publicly released and available upon request. 

The studies were developed in order to reach four specific goals:

  • Design of the learning technology and learning scenarios of the project;
  • Validation of the corpus of non-verbal acoustical emblems for the development of models of socio-emotional bonding for learning facilitation;
  • Inform the development of the tutor’s perception of the learner and learner models that integrates behavioral and contextual information as part of the development for the tutor’s perception and modelling of the learner;
  • Future studies planned to encounter the upcoming objectives of the project.


For the complete dataset descriptions you can consult the following Data Collection summary table.