Month 3 Deliverables

D8.1 – EMOTE Dissemination Plan


Month 12 Deliverables

D2.1 – Learner-Tutor Interaction Design and Scenarios

D3.1 – Framework Document for the Role of Socio-Emotional Bonding for Learning

D5.1 – Initial Framework for Empathic Synthetic Tutors

D6.1 – VLE Architecture and Design: Report on Design and Specifications for the Tutors’ Architecture

D8.2 – Initial Dissemination Plan

D8.3 – Dissemination Report: Year 1


Month 18 Deliverables

D3.2 – Validated corpus of nonverbal acoustical emblems

D4.1 – Corpus of affective learner’s expressions and interaction data 

D5.2 – Data repository


Month 24 Deliverables

D2.2 -User-centered design and learning scenarios

D3.3 – Models of socio-emotional bonding for learning facilitation

D4.2 – Building the foundations for the tutor’s perception of the learner

D6.2 – Content development and First showcase implementation

D7.1 – Scope of the evaluations and appropriate methods

D8.4 – Report on dissemination activities in year 2 and planned dissemination activities for year 3

D8.6 – Draft Exploitation Plan


Month 30 Deliverables 

D7.2 – Summative and formative evaluations results


Month 32 Deliverables

D5.3 -Empathic Tutor Interaction Management System