NAOBridges allows a NAO robot to be a Thalamus Client and generally be a part of larger system. Considering the NAO robot contains a python environment for its scripts and the Thalamus framework was developed in C#, this module provides a bridge between them. It uses a XMLRPC connection to send and receive messages between NAO and other communicating entities of the system.



How NAOBridges was used in emote

NAOBridges allowed the NAO robot to be integrated in each system for both scenarios.


What can NAOBridges be used for

Because NAOBridges was created to subscribe to BML-based messages from Thalamus (which in EMOTE, are mainly sent by Skene), it can be used in other scenarios that also generate BML-like behaviour. These BML messages are translated to NAO’s own API (NAOqi), and the included python script manages that execution.


What, if any, other software/hardware is needed?

Thalamus; NAO robot (up to v4)


Tutorial info

A readme is included in the download.


Support materials

BML 1.0 specification:


Download Skene: