To measure children’s attitudes towards robots in general, both before and after their experiences with the empathic robotic tutor developed in EMOTE we use a slightly adapted version of the NARS questionnaire (Nomura, Suzuki, Kanda, & Kato, 2006). The questionnaire is adapted to fit in the school context and contains the following questions:

Question Sub-scale
1 I would feel uneasy if robots really had emotions. S2
2 Something bad might happen if robots developed into living beings. S2
3 I would feel relaxed talking with robots.* S3
4 I would feel uneasy if I had to do my school work with help of a robot. S1
5 If robots had emotions I would be able to make friends with them.* S3
6 I feel good being with robots that have emotions* S3
7 The word “robot” means nothing to me. S1
8 I would feel nervous using a robot in front of other people. S1
9 I would hate the idea that robots or intelligent computers were making judgments about things  


10 I would feel very nervous just standing in front of a robot S1
12 I feel that if I depend on robots too much, something bad might happen. S2
12 I would feel paranoid talking with a robot. S1
13 I am concerned that robots would be a bad influence on younger children. S2
14 I feel that in the future society will be dominated by robots. S2

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