Speaker Rapport Module

What is the Speaker Rapport Module?

The Speaker Rapport module provides some behaviour related to synchrony with the users of the system. It listens to messages that inform about user-speaking activity to generate gazing behaviours towards the currently speaking user, and also to auditory loudness provided in such messages, in order to instruct the speech-generation system to raise or lower its volume, in order to better match the loudness of the users while they speak.

How was the Speaker Rapport module used in emote?

In EMOTE this module was used both to make the tutor gaze at the players whenever they were speaking, and also, especial in S2, to allow the tutor to raise its volume in situations where the two players would engage in a louder discussions, due to which they might not notice that the robots was also speaking.

What, if any, other software/hardware is needed?


Download Speaker Rapport: