Amol Deshmukh

Amol Deshmukh is working as a Research Associate for Heriot-Watt University. He has worked on European Union projects such as:

  • JAMES: the project plans to explore the core cognitive capabilities that are required for a robot bartender to interact with humans in a socially-appropriate manner;
  • LIREC: The main aim is to build a new generation of interactive, emotionally intelligent companion robots, capable of establishing long-term relationship with humans in real social environments like homes, offices etc.


Earlier he has received his M.Sc Smart Systems from Jacobs University Bremen, Germany. Amol’s key research interest is Human-robot interaction. He is also pursuing part-time PhD which focuses on Autonomous Socially Constrained Management of Power Resources for mobile robots. The aim is to develop a power management system for a mobile robot to support long-term operation in a socially acceptable manner.