Iolanda Leite

Eng. Iolanda Leite is a research assistant at the GAIPS group in INESC-ID, at the same time that she is finishing her PhD at Instituto Superior Técnico, Technical University of Lisbon.

For the past four years she has worked as a research assistant at EU-funded project LIREC (Living with Robots and IntEractive Companions, FP7). Previously, she was also involved in MINDRACES (from Reactive to Anticipatory Cognitive Systems, FP6) project. Her research interests concern with the role of empathy and adaptive behaviour in long-term human-robot interaction.

She has authored and co-authored over 20 peer-reviewed scientific papers. Her work was published at conferences such as the ACM/IEEE HRI (Int. Conf. On Human-Robot Interaction), IEEE RO-MAN (Int. Symposium in Robot and Human Interactive Communication), ACM Multimedia, ACM UMAP (User Modeling, Adaption, and Personalisation) and ACII (Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction).