Lee J. Corrigan

Lee J. Corrigan is a PhD candidate of the School of Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Birmingham.  Prior to that, he earned a BSc with First Class Honours in Games Technology from Coventry University.  His academic research focuses on Human Behaviour Analysis for Social Robotics, more specifically, the phenomenon of social and task engagement found during human-robot interactions (HRI).  In addition to his research interests, he also has the knowledge, skills and experience required to design, develop and deploy practical user interfaces, autonomous systems and graphical simulations to represent scientific data and mathematical models.

Within the first six months of starting a PhD his paper entitled “Identifying Task Engagement: Towards Personalised Interactions with Educational Robots” was accepted and he was invited to talk about how his work will advance the current state of the art at the ACII 2013 Doctoral Consortium (Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction).  He started the second year of his research in October 2013 with news of a further paper entitled “Social-Task Engagement: Striking a Balance between the Robot and the Task” being accepted for the ICSR 2013 workshop (International Conference on Social Robots).  Furthermore, Lee was also the joint author of two other papers by the end of his first year.

His work in HRI involves experimental design, implementation and analysis; working in close collaboration with psychologists to define, measure and model the phenomenon of social and task engagement during interactions between humans and robots.