Pedro Sequeira

Pedro Sequeira is a research associate at the Intelligent Agents and Synthetic Characters Group (GAIPS) / INESC- ID Lisbon, in Porto Salvo, Portugal. In September 2013, he completed the Ph.D. Program in Information Systems and Computer Engineering at the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), University of Lisbon in Portugal.

His work focuses on building more flexible and robust reward mechanisms for autonomous reinforcement learning (RL) agents. His interests are in the area of artificial intelligence, particularly related with autonomous/robotic agents and multi-agent systems involving RL with intrinsic motivation and evolutionary/adaptive mechanisms.

While at GAIPS, he has also participated as a developer / researcher in two European Union-funded projects: FearNot! and Orient. He also worked as a lab assistant for the Human-Computer Interaction and Computer Graphics courses at IST.