Tiago Ribeiro

Tiago Ribeiro is an eclectic researcher in pursuit of harmony between arts and interactive technology.
He obtained his BSc and MSc in Computer Science and Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico with a major in Multimedia Systems, a minor in Intelligent Systems, and a thesis about animating a highly articulated virtual human skeleton with  biomechanically-based movement constraints in realtime.
Since he finished his MSc in 2011, he has been trying to fit his technological education with his love and knowledge of animation, photography, cinema, music, sound design and nearly all other artful expressions.
For over the last two years he has been at INESC-ID collaborating in several international projects mainly in the field of non-verbal expression of robotic characters. Before working in EMOTE he worked in the previous EU FP7 LIREC (LIving with Robots and intEractive Companions) project. In both of the projects his focus is achieving the most believable animation and non-verbal expression possible with the robots while they interact with humans. His interest in sound design has also led him to the Carnegie-Mellon University for a brief collaboration on designing expressive sounds for robots.
His is currently a PhD student at Instituto Superior Técnico, focused on discovering how animation artists can take part in the process of developing artificial intelligent for animation so that interactive robots can following on principles of traditional animation while interacting with humans and the external environment.
He has authored and co-authored 8 peer-reviewed scientific papers. His work has been published and distinguished at conferences such as the ACM/IEEE SIGGRAPH, the ACM/IEEE HRI (Int. Conf. on Human-Robot Interaction) and the IVA (Int. Conf. on Intelligent Virtual Agents).