Tools and Apps

BEST  (Bremen Emotional Sound Toolkit)

BEST is a validated set of 408 short (700ms to 16s) electronic sound emblems. The affective sounds were created for the EMOTE  project to augment the nonverbal capabilities of the NAO robot. NAO is not able to modulate facial expressions and only limited means exist for modulating head and torso position. The text-to-speech (TTS) synthesis employed is also not capable of generating paralinguistic cues to express different emotional states. To address these challenges the idea was developed to create hybrid sounds that involve the generation of TTS with attached sound emblems. More information and download link available on the BEST  (Bremen Emotional Sound Toolkit) page.

WOZ (Wizard of Oz) Interface

The WOZ interface provides the wizard, i.e., the human operator, with the tools required to start, step through and stop an EMOTE-like interaction from a remote network location. The interface allows full control over the interaction, it does so by loading the task specification and populating the interface with the individual task steps, providing a method for restarting and proceeding through the steps.   The utterance set is also displayed on-screen, categorized by pedagogical strategy. The WOZ interface connects to the Map Application via Thalamus, allowing the task to be controlled in terms of step progression, tool opening and closing, and attempt feedback. You can learn more on the WOZ (Wizard of Oz) Interface page.

Treasure Hunt App

A treasure hunt application, initially based on Edinburgh Academy’s yearly treasure hunt activity which forms part of the Geography curriculum was developed for primary school children aged 12-13. The activity requires a child to apply his/her map reading skills while an embodied agent presents the instructions and poses the questions. The application was developed for Android tablets and was used to explore the effect of feedback (neutral, happy and sad) on perception of the agent as well as the overall performance and experience of the children carrying out the treasure hunt activity. More information is provided on the Treasure Hunt App Page.

CAT – Continuous Annotation Tool 

The continuous annotation tool (CAT) is a standalone software application for continuously rating experimental video material. The CAT software is designed specifically for continuous annotation of EMOTE-like human-robot interactions. It provides the annotator with three different views i.e., frontal, lateral and top-down, which are automatically synchronized for playback (actual synchronization is dependent on the initial recordings). Read more on the CAT – Continuous Annotation Tool page.