Batch Simulator

The Batch Simulator mode in Geometry Friends enables you to run several agent implementations across several levels of diverse worlds. These simulations can be configured similarly to any other simulation/execution of the game, but this is done visually in the batch simulator form, see the figure below.

batch_simulator_screenThe configurations available in the interface are similar to those described in How to Run the Agents with the exception of the results group. Still a brief description is offered on tooltips when the configuration is hoovered.

Overall, to use the batch simulator you first choose the agent implementations that you want to run, then the levels for which each agent should be run. Notice that the agent implementations available and the world/levels available are those that are in the Agents and Levels directories. Next, the Simulation Options are specified, including if you want to see the simulations rendered (visually see the game), write the log information to file, the speed of the simulations (1 realtime, 2 twice as fast, etc) and the number of simulations to be executed for each setup. For instance if 2 agent implementations are selected, 5 levels are selected and the number of simulations is set to 10 then the total number of simulations that will be performed is: 2 x 5 x 10 = 100. Notice that the Results setting under Simulation Options specifies if the result of each individual simulation should be written in a separate timestamped file or in a single file for all the simulations.

In the Results options group a different type of results are generated from those specified under Simulation Options. With these the batch simulator emulates a competition for each of the worlds selected (selecting levels of a given world makes the world selected). This means that based on the Completed Bonus and Collectible Bonus specified a file (using the filename specified) containing these results will be written to the Results directory. The score formula used can be consulted in The Competition.