Competition Pack

Download Competition Pack v45 (updated 03/08/2017) -- The newest version of the Geometry Friends AI Framework.

This competition code will constantly be updated from time to time, so please be sure to check the Geometry Friends Home page for news on any updates on the code version.

For information on the installation, running the game, implementing AI, code samples, etc, please refer to our Knowledge Base for more information.

Extra Levels Pack

Download Levels Pack -- Many Geometry Friends levels have been developed since the creation of the game. You can download extra levels to test your skill or your AI’s capability. For more details on how to use this pack refer to the Levels Pack article.

Agent Implementations Pack

Download Agents Pack -- Throughout the Geometry Friends competition several AI players have been developed. We have created a pack (including source code and builds) with several agent implementations to serve as reference. For more details on how to use this pack check the Agents Pack article.

Previous Submissions

Kit Agent (2017)

RRT Agent (2017)