The INSIDE initiative explores symbiotic interactions between humans and robots in joint cooperative activities, and addresses the following key research problems:

  • How can robots plan their course of action to coordinate with and accommodate for the co-actions of their human teammates? In particular, is it possible to foresee, at planning time, the possibility of having the robots assist humans in actions that the latter cannot perform single-handedly (due to the complexity of the action or to limitations of the human agent) as well as having the humans assist the robots in those actions that the robots cannot perform on their own (for example, due to perceptual or actuation limitations)?
  • How can task, context and environment information collected from a set of networked sensors (such as cameras and biometric sensors) be exploited to create more natural and engaging interactions between humans and robots involved in a joint cooperative activity in a physical environment?

INSIDE strives to develop new hardware and software solutions that will support a real-world interaction with children with ASD in a joint cooperative task with therapeutical purposes.

Administrative Info

Title INSIDE: Intelligent Networked Robot Systems for Symbiotic Interaction with Children with Impaired Development
Reference CMUP-ERI/HCI/0051/2013
Area Human-robot Interaction
Funding 600,000 EUR
Duration 48 months
Begin date 1/8/2014