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A theoretical and algorithmic analysis of configurable MDPs

R. Silva, G. Farina, F. S. Melo, M. Veloso

In Proc. 29th Int. Conf. Automated Planning and Scheduling, 2019 (to appear)

An optimization approach for structured agent- based provider/receiver tasks

K. Baraka, M. Couto, F. S. Melo, M. Veloso

In Proc. 18th Int. Conf. Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems, 2019 (to appear)

SSTS: A syntactic tool for pattern search on time series

J. Rodrigues, D. Folgado, D. Belo, H. Gambôa

Information Processing & Management, 56 (1):61-76, 2019

Project INSIDE: Towards autonomous semi-unstructured human-robot social interaction in autism therapy

F. S. Melo, A. Sardinha, D. Belo, M. Couto, M. Faria, A. Farias, H. Gamboa, C. Jesus, M. Kinarullathil, P. Lima, L. Luz, A. Mateus, I. Melo, P. Moreno, D. Osório, A. Paiva, J. Pimentel, J. Rodrigues, P. Sequeira, R. Solera-Ureña, M. Vasco, M. Veloso, R. Ventura

Journal Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, 2019 (to appear)

Interactive robots with model-based ‘autism-like’ behaviors

K. Baraka F. S. Melo, M. Veloso

Paladyn Journal of Behavioral Robotics, 2019 (to appear)

Empathic robot for group learning: A field study

P. Alves-Oliveira, P. Sequeira, F. S. Melo, G. Castellano, A. Paiva

ACM Trans. Human-Robot Interaction, 2019 (to appear)