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Journal Articles

Classificação prosódica de marcadores discursivos

V. Cabarrão, H. Moniz, J. Ferreira, F. Batista, I. Trancoso, A. Mata, S. Curto

Revista da Associação Portuguesa de Linguística, 2:69- 75, 2016 (in Portuguese)

Noise detection on ECG based on agglomerative clustering of morphological features

J. Rodrigues, D. Belo, H. Gambôa

Computers in Biology and Medicine, 87:322-334, 2017

Biosignals learning and synthesis using deep neural networks

D. Belo, J. Rodrigues, J. Vaz, P. Pezarat-Correia, H. Gambôa

BioMedical Engineering OnLine, 16 (115):1-17, 2017

A tutorial on machine learning for interactive pedagogical systems

F. S. Melo, S. Mascarenhas, A. Paiva

Int. J. Serious Games, 5:79-112, 2018

Adaptação acústico-prosódica entre falantes

V. Cabarrão, H. Moniz, F. Batista, I. Trancoso, A. Mata

Revista da Associação Portuguesa de Linguística4:18-33, 2018 (in Portuguese)

Mobile service robot state revealing through expressive lights: Formalism, design and evaluation

K. Baraka, M. Veloso

Int. J. Social Robotics, 10 (1):65-92, 2018

SSTS: A syntactic tool for pattern search on time series

J. Rodrigues, D. Folgado, D. Belo, H. Gambôa

Information Processing & Management, 56 (1):61-76, 2019

Project INSIDE: Towards autonomous semi-unstructured human-robot social interaction in autism therapy

F. S. Melo, A. Sardinha, D. Belo, M. Couto, M. Faria, A. Farias, H. Gamboa, C. Jesus, M. Kinarullathil, P. Lima, L. Luz, A. Mateus, I. Melo, P. Moreno, D. Osório, A. Paiva, J. Pimentel, J. Rodrigues, P. Sequeira, R. Solera-Ureña, M. Vasco, M. Veloso, R. Ventura

Journal Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, 2019 (to appear)

Interactive robots with model-based ‘autism-like’ behaviors

K. Baraka F. S. Melo, M. Veloso

Paladyn Journal of Behavioral Robotics, 2019 (to appear)

Empathic robot for group learning: A field study

P. Alves-Oliveira, P. Sequeira, F. S. Melo, G. Castellano, A. Paiva

ACM Trans. Human-Robot Interaction, 2019 (to appear)

Cross-domain analysis of discourse markers in European Portuguese

V. Cabarrão, H. Moniz, F. Batista, J. Ferreira, I. Trancoso, A. Mata

In Dialogue & Discourse, 9 (1):79-106, 2018

A robotic platform for edutainment activities in a pediatric hospital

João Messias, Rodrigo Ventura, Pedro Lima, João Sequeira, P. Alvito, C. Marques and P. Carriço

Robótica,100:10-15, 2015.

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Ad hoc teamwork by learning teammates’ task

Francisco S. Melo and Alberto Sardinha

Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, 30 (2):175-219, 2016. DOI: 10.1007/s10458-015-9280-x