INSIDE explores symbiotic interactions between humans and robots in joint cooperative activities. It strives to develop new hardware and software solutions that will support a real-world interaction with children with ASD in a joint cooperative task with therapeutical purposes.

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The Team

The INSIDE project involves the collaborative effort of three Portuguese research institutions (INESC-ID, ISR/IST and FCT/UNL), a US university (Carnegie Mellon University), a Portuguese hospital (HGO) and three Portuguese companies (IDMind, Plux and VoiceInteraction).

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INSIDE: Intelligent Networked Robot Systems for Symbiotic Interaction with Children with Impaired Development.
Area: Human-robot Interaction
Contact: Francisco Melo (PI):

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Latest News & Publications

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Acoustic-Prosodic Automatic Personality Trait Assessment for Adults and Children

Rubén Solera-Ureña, Helena Moniz, Fernando Batista, Ramón Fernández-Astudillo, Joana Campos, Ana Paiva, Isabel Trancoso In Advances in Speech and Language Technologies for Iberian Languages – Proc. of the Third International Conference (IberSPEECH 2016), LNAI 10077, pp. 192-201, Springer International Publishing, Switzerland