Real-Time Sensory Pattern Mining for Autonomous Agents

Pedro Sequeira and Cláudia Antunes
In Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Agents and Data Mining Interaction (ADMI 2010), Toronto, Canada, 2010, pp. 71-83    Real-Time Sensory Pattern Mining for Autonomous Agents Real-Time Sensory Pattern Mining for Autonomous Agents

Autonomous agents are systems situated in dynamic environments. They pursue goals and satisfy their needs by responding to external events from the environment. In these unpredictable conditions, the agents’ adaptive skills are a key factor for their success. Based on previous interactions with its environment, an agent must learn new knowledge about it, and use that information to guide its behavior throughout time. In order to build more believable agents, we need to provide them with structures that represent that knowledge, and mechanisms that update them overtime to reflect the agents’ experience. Pattern mining, a subfield of data mining, is a knowledge discovery technique which aims to extract previously unknown associations and causal structures from existing data sources. In this paper we propose the use of pattern mining techniques in autonomous agents to allow the extraction of sensory patterns from the agent’s perceptions in real-time. We extend some structures used in pattern mining and employ a statistical test to allow an agent of discovering useful information about the environment while exploring it.





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