The Unofficial Proceedings of MSDM-2012 are now available for download in PDF format:

Accepted Papers

POMDPs in OpenMarkov and ProModelXML
Manuel Arias, Francisco Javier Díez, Miguel Ángel Palacios-Alonso, Mar Yebra, and Jorge Fernández

Solving Finite Horizon Decentralized POMDPs by Distributed Reinforcement Learning
Bikramjit Banerjee, Jeremy Lyle, Landon Kraemer, and Rajesh Yellamraju

Planning Delayed-Response Queries and Transient Policies under Reward Uncertainty
Robert Cohn, Edmund Durfee, and Satinder Singh

Improved Solution of Decentralized MDPs through Heuristic Search
Jilles Dibangoye, Christopher Amato, and Arnaud Doniec

Automated Equilibrium Analysis of Repeated Games with Private Monitoring: A POMDP Approach
Yongjoon Joe, Atsushi Iwasaki, Michihiro Kandori, Ichiro Obara and Makoto Yokoo

Exploiting Sparse Interactions for Optimizing Communication in Dec-MDPs
Francisco S. Melo, Matthijs Spaan, and Stefan Witwicki

Tree-based Pruning for Multiagent POMDPs with Delayed Communication
Frans Oliehoek and Matthijs Spaan

Strategic Behaviour Under Constrained Autonomy
Zinovi Rabinovich

Prioritized Shaping of Models for Solving DEC-POMDPs
Pradeep Varakantham, William Yeoh, Prasanna Velagapudi, Katia Sycara, and Paul Scerri

Coordinated Multi-Agent Learning for Decentralized POMDPs
Chongjie Zhang and Victor Lesser