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Hey everyone I am an M.Sc. graduate from the University of Lisbon, Portugal.

My main passion relies in Game Design, but I have been known to be interested in Player driven Procedural Content Generation, Procedural Quest and Narrative Systems, Genetic Algorithms, Computational Creativity, Music Generation, Music Composition, Boardgames and Videogames.

Current Projects
Geometry Friends AI competition


  The Geometry Friends Game AI Competition
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Rui Prada and Phil Lopes and João Catarino and João Quitério and Francisco S. Melo, CIG’2015 - IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games, pg. 431-438, IEEE Computer Society, Tainan, Taiwan, August, 2015

  One for all, all for one: Agents with social identities
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Joana Dimas and Phil Lopes and Rui Prada, Proceedings of the 35 th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, 2013

Social Identity Bias in Agents’ Rational Decision
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Joana Dimas and Phil Lopes and Guida Preto and Pedro Santos and Rui Prada, Intelligent Virtual Agents 2013 - IVA 2013, pg. 460-461, Springer / Heidelberg, Heidelberg, 2013