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Collaborators: Rui Prada, Rafael Kuffner, Cat Kutay, Eugenio Di Tullio, Ana Paiva
Keywords: Machinima, Animatronics, Iterative development


This project is funded by beActive to develop an integrated authoring environment for the generation of movies from a story script and was designed for future expansion to the development of interactive storytelling games from the same script. The system allows iterative development of the product to avoid delays that occur at present while the separate components complete their development cycle. Also the gaming environment allows the movie director to capture the edited takes. The toolset takes inspiration from Machinima and uses the Unity game engine to support the rendering and animation of the characters and scenes.


Mappets: An Interactive Plugin for Transmedia Machinima on Unity3D
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Rafael Kuffner and Eugenio Di Tullio and Rui Prada, Entertainment Computing--ICEC 2013, pg. 69--74, March 25-29, 2013