@inproceedings { prada04, abstract = {This paper presents the structuring ideas behind the development of a multi-agent system. This system, BeLife, is a simulation tool with teaching objectives: (a) it intends to educate the core concepts behind the management of greenhouses and (b) it aims at fostering the understanding of experimentation in this particular context. The paper also describes a framework designed to support the creation of multi-agent systems for virtual environments and discusses its benefits.}, address = {Lisbon, Portugal}, booktitle = {ABS'2004 - 5th International Conference on Agent Based Simulation}, keywords = {multi-agent systems, learning environments, greenhouse}, month = {May}, title = {BeLife: Teaching Greenhouse Management using an Agent Based}, year = {2004}, author = {Rui Prada and Nuno Otero and André Vala and Ana Paiva} }